Words of thanks from the family of our newest beneficiary!19 Apr 2024

‘Being accepted by The Playhouse Foundation has made the world of difference to us as a family. We feel fortunate and are delighted with the improvements that Charlie has made with the help of the team from The Playhouse Foundation. They have been fantastic and have adapted everything specifically to him as an individual.

Charlie has started performing tasks that would have seemed impossible when we started in January. He can now sit down for adult led tasks, request with precision and inspiration using his words and is vastly more confident in expressing himself and using his voice. These are just a few of the milestones that he is no longer struggling with.

Charlie looks forward to his sessions and eagerly opens the door for his tutors when they visit. He has quickly developed a bond and trust with them all.

As parents, we can see a change in home but also ourselves. We didn’t realise, in some ways we were inadvertently communicating to Charlie the opposite of what we thought. It has been a massive weight off of our shoulders; the worries and fears we had about Charlie not being able to be happy or ever express himself without getting frustrated.

Everything we have seen has given us hope for the future –  thank you.’

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