Thank you Tesco Bags of Help!28 Feb 2019



Kuba is such a bright 4 year old!  Thanks to Tesco Bags of Help, he is able to attend his local preschool with an ABA tutor for three afternoons each week.  During this time, he has been able to gain several language and communication skills that will equip him ready for school in September.

Many children on the autism spectrum struggle with being able to give the right piece of information when asked to do so.  With a question discrimination programme, he has now gained the skills to listen with greater accuracy.  This is such a vital learning skill that will enable Kuba to advance onto higher language skills.

Through our collaborative work with preschool staff, our team have been able to target areas Kuba is most in need of supporting and practise them in the home before generalising to the preschool environment.  Kuba has recently impressed his team of tutors by being able to sit for a short circle time unaided.  His tutor is always watching out for social opportunities in which he can interact positively with other children.  Check out his high fives with another boy!



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