Thank you and Good Luck! Julian Griffith and The South Downs Way25 Sep 2018

A BIG THANK YOU to Julian Griffith who is riding the full length of The South Downs Way THIS WEEKEND!

It’s an impressive 100 miles off-road which starts in Winchester and goes across to Eastbourne. What a superstar!! We wish you so much luck! 

He writes the following:  

  • Autism has had a direct affect on my family, so I know the life-changing benefits that can come from the very earliest possible involvement of autism specialists. I  would like to raise money for The Playhouse Foundation as I feel this innovative charity can make an amazing difference to the life opportunities of very young children diagnosed with autism. The huge cost of early intervention is simply beyond the reach of most families, and funding is generally not available from the state until a much later age. This means that many autistic children miss out on getting the right care and support in the critical years of brain development and are also far less likely to join mainstream schooling.  The Playhouse Foundation provide funding (by means testing) to the families most in need of help, getting autism specialists working with children aged 2.5 to 3.5 – probably the most important age at which help is needed in developing the communication and social skills typically lacking in children with autism.

For more information and where to donate please see


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