Welcoming Hur to The Playhouse Foundation

Welcoming Hur to The Playhouse Foundation! Hur will be our 8th family now in receipt of one of our ABA programmes.

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Charlie Visit Tuesday 31st October

A very exciting session for everyone, well done Charlie!

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Visit to Ali’s school

Great visit to Ali’s school yesterday where I am training his 1:1 TA in ABA techniques.

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Kubah awarded one of our bursaries

Hugely exciting visiting the delightful Kubah who has recently been awarded one of our bursaries.

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Milo’s Early Intervention Programme

The ultimate challenge for any kid with autism is to be able to navigate a game of football with his mainstream peers.

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Meet little Lena

At The Playhouse Foundation, we are super-excited to be able to announce that another family have been awarded one of our bursaries! Meet little Lena, who was assessed for autism at 23 months old and officially diagnosed soon after.

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Please choose The Playhouse Foundation!

So far our cause has raised a total of £1,071 from the 1% members earn when buying Co-op branded products and services.

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Funds raised has now reached £910!

Immensely proud and grateful to stars Nick Marsh, Toby Wales and Phil Husband for a fantastic run in the sun to raise funds for young children with autism, Thanks a million guys!

Winchester Half Marathon,
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