Mainstream school in support of ABA Programmes!17 May 2019



Here at The Playhouse Foundation, we could not be more thrilled to learn about the phenomenal success of Jack’s ABA Programme in school.  His class teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator gave a testimony to the excellent progress Jack has made during his first year of school.  She explains, “as a school, we have embraced the ABA approach, with all the members of the Early Years Team being trained in the fundamentals before Jack started school.  Key members of the Early Years Team worked with Jack on a regular basis and it is clear that some elements of the ABA approach are beneficial for all children.

Through the consistent application of ABA strategies, Jack is now able to tolerate many different situations throughout the school day. He is able to accept when others join in his play, when he does not get his own choice in a play situation and when things don’t go to plan.  Jack is much more accepting when he doesn’t win a game.  Unwanted behaviours have reduced to zero and at times Jack can independently regulate his own behaviour and feelings and move on from a situation.

Through the use of ABA strategies, such as waiting a situation out, Jack has completed all activities and learning opportunities that have been asked of him. He has made fantastic academic progress and accesses the mainstream curriculum alongside his peers.

Jack has really benefitted from regular visits from ABA tutors throughout the school year.  This, alongside a dedicated team at school, has enabled us to ensure that we are constantly moving forward with Jack’s targets and are providing Jack with the best possible start to his education.”

Jack’s Consultant also added “Jack is fantastic as we know, but he would not have made nearly as much progress as he has done socially and in other areas at school if it wasn’t for staff fully embracing the strategies that we use.”


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