Introducing our newest beneficiary in collaboration with Hampshire11 Nov 2019






Up until the age of 5, Raem was developing neurologically in line with his peers. At school, he had a social life, friends, enjoyed parties, went to the cinema and was able to read and write at his peer group level.  In August 2016, Raem suddenly regressed without any obvious triggers.  He lost his ability to read and write and became very withdrawn and anxious.  He started talking to himself and displayed clear signs of hallucinations.  He lost all of his social skills and interests.  Despite a brain scan, blood tests and assessments carried out by three different child specialists including a neuro-psychiatry unit, Raem was diagnosed with significant late onset Autism – a rare form of Autism.

Raem is now in receipt of one of our ABA Programmes, to address his vocal loss and build upon early communication and interactive play skills.  The Playhouse Foundation co-fund with Hampshire to provide ABA training to Raem’s school support staff and both school and home have regular consultancy visits to oversee and monitor his programme.  We look forward to keeping you updated with Raem’s progress in the months to come.

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