Finding her voice!27 Sep 2018

Thanks to funding from Denplan & Simplyhealth  Professionals, Lena has started to communicate to her family and tutors through the use of a talking app on  a  mini Ipad.  The use of this tool in allowing Lena to communicate her needs more effectively has helped significantly to reduce many of her challenging behaviours led by frustration.  As a result, vocal communication has rapidly increased and Lena can now give approximations of many words vocally.

Without ABA, Lena may never have uttered a word.  Mum, Katalin explains ‘Thanks to the amazing Playhouse Foundation and the consistent and hardworking tutors that form Lena’s ABA team, Lena is now using words.  For a family with an autistic child, this is a milestone – the start of something wonderful, a new and better life for both of us!  I can now see her little bright mind shining through and it is heart-warming to be part of such a miracle!   Thank you so much TPF!”


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