Empowering young children with autism to communicate.15 Jul 2021

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our Playhouse supporters, The Playhouse Foundation have been able to purchase a much needed mini ipad, strap, case and Proloquo2Go app for one of our youngest beneficiaries.

Proloquo2Go is an app designed to help teachers and ABA therapists empower children who have limited or no speech with an alternative way to communicate. It uses an adaptable, multi-size grid format to present images and words on “buttons.”

Our bespoke ABA Programmes allow for individual images of the child’s most desired toys, objects or activities to be uploaded and added to the grid along with their tutor’s voice to label the item when the child selects.  The child then hands the device to their tutor to access their request.  Over time, the modelling of language from the app can act as a stepping-stone for the development of the child’s actual vocals.  This device has proved extremely effective for many of our Playhouse families and we are excited to be able to incorporate Proloquo2Go into our ABA Programmes.

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