“An amazing opportunity and the most enjoyable placement I have ever had!”17 Jun 2019

Here at the Playhouse Foundation, we deliver a fantastic package of tailored, professional intervention to young autistic children and their families, journeying through our ABA programme. We can achieve this, because as well as working with fully qualified professionals we also invite Psychology students to gain vital practical experience with us. The structure of the ABA programme enables opportunities for students to learn and to gain practical experience by interacting with young autistic children and families on the programme.  Under strict supervision and with support and guidance from the team, students play a vital part in the frontline delivery of the work. Inclusion in the programme also allows students to build their professional networks by offering the opportunity to work alongside leaders in the field and those whose influence and guidance will undoubtedly help the student flourish in their chosen career.

Emily has now completed her student placement and reflects on the last few months.  She describes the most enjoyable aspect of her work as being able to witness the incredible progress of the child and the amazing improvements. “It’s lovely to think that you helped to make that happen.  It can be challenging but is also really rewarding and enjoyable.   It was an amazing opportunity and the most enjoyable placement I have ever had.”

Emily has now further developed her career by working across multiple Playhouse families as a paid tutor.

Everyone here at The Playhouse Foundation would like to say a HUGE thank you Emily for your time and commitment to delivering our programmes and helping to change the lives of young children with autism!


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