Alex’s ABA session – 26th January27 Jan 2018

Alex and I had a great session! We were working on him exchanging relevant pictures for desired items or activities throughout the session, as part of PECS, Alex’s means of communication. First was singing – Alex loved me singing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, and he was able to independently hand me the ‘sing’ symbol for me to sing again and again. At the end of the song, he wanted to be lifted up every time, and after some repeated practice, I was able to wait for him to say ‘uh’ for him to be picked up almost every time. Next, Alex was really interested in my Peppa Pig books, so much so that he independently exchanged the ‘books’ symbol 45 times to continue looking at them over and over again! He was interested in them for 45 minutes, which was amazing considering how fleeting his interest used to be.

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