Charlie Visit Tuesday 31st October8 Nov 2017

Tuesday 31st October 9.30-12

When I arrived, Charlie requested my bag and he chose the Playdoh from my bag of toys. Before Charlie could play I prompted him to say ‘open bag’ and then I used the activity to work on requesting the different colours, cutters, and ‘squash’. When we put them away, I used this to work on the request ‘put away’ each time.

We then read some books and made a line out of the books that we jumped on, saying ‘step’ each time, and this was used as turn taking practice, for Charlie to request his and my turn.

Charlie then chose to play with the marble run, which I used to motivate him to engage with his current structured targets, including travelling to different rooms of the house upon instruction, finding relevant objects in the room, and drinking from a new cup. Charlie has been practising drinking from different cups for a few months as he is very selective and would refrain from drinking if his select cup wasn’t available. Every time Charlie wanted some more marbles, I instructed him to drink. Having previously mastered putting his lips around the cup, I was providing the desired marbles for now tipping his head back as if to drink. After about 5 attempts, Charlie had a proper drink! His first drink from an alternative cup! This received all sorts of cheers, congratulations and excitement from me, which Charlie appeared to really enjoy! He then drank from his new cup 7 times for cheers and praise, and was keen to show off to mum and dad too! A very exciting session for everyone, well done Charlie!

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Charlie Visit Tuesday 31st October

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